Our Services

We at JED-WEB offer full service website design, maintenance and promotion. Our services include website placement, evaluation, enhancements, custom graphics, scanning, editing, logos, e-commerce, shopping carts, hosting, email, video, on-line forms, customized pages, layouts and more


Creative Website Design can be Professionally Developed for less!


We fully Manage and Maintain your website so you can focus on your business!


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an integral part of your website development!


All of our website Hosting plans are carefully tailored to meet your needs!


We will create a beautiful online store for your business that drives traffic and sales!


Our graphic designers are expert at image editing, logo design and website layouts!

Hosting Services

Domain Registration, Site Hosting and FTP File Transfer services are one of the least understood but essential parts of web building. If you do not have a Domain name or Host server, we will find a service that fits your budget and is scaled to fit your website. We select a hosting service that fits your site. Most Hosts charge for memory and bandwidth, plus additional services. We try to match the Hosting service to the needs of the site. Domain Registration is the process of finding just the right name for your website. Most good names are already taken on the web, but creative solutions can make your domain name easy to remember and relevant to the purpose of your site. Most websites are created off line and transferred to the web with FTP (File Transfer Protocol). We maintain a complete working copy of your website ready to upgrade and transfer to your host's server.

Design Services

JED-WEB uses the latest technology to design an effective and visitor friendly website that fits your purpose. Design, programming and scripting are optimized to fit the need and content of your website. The design of a website should focus on the purpose of the site. We help you define a purpose statement and discover the design that best suits your ultimate objectives. Our programming methods do not rely on code builders and wizards to create the HTML code. So we understand the program and control the look and feel of the site more effectively. HTML5, CSS and JavaScript are used to add interest and function to our designs without getting in the way of the original purpose of the website.

Enhancement Services

Website enhancements are one of our specialties. We include e-commerce, custom graphics, animation, on-line forms, sound and multimedia in our designs to enhance the experience of your visitors without distracting from the initial purpose of the site. If the purpose of your site is e-commerce or e-business, we have the solutions for you. Great ideas need to be translated into effective web designs. Graphic design services from custom logos for your website to photo-gallery pages. We can produce fast loading visually pleasing graphics. We have the tools to make your site pop with animation, sound and video. JED-WEB offers full multimedia design capabilities for our clients. Our staff can provide other enhancements to take your site to new heights. User forms, guest books, surveys and forums are but a few of the special elements we can provide.

Maintenance Services

Our Web-mastering service extends to maintaining your site to keep it current and well promoted. Websites need to be monitored and maintained to stay afloat in the ever-changing current of the World Wide Web. We offer promotion services, email maintenance, upgrading and statistical monitoring of your website. We will maintain your site by keeping it updated, current and free of downtime. Monitoring the sites we design tells us how effective our promotion is and if the site is functioning properly. Email is the primary communication tools of web users. We will provide multiple email addresses for each site to give both promotion and personal email access.

Rebuilding Services

Website rebuilding is one service that few other web designers offer. Many sites on the web are placed there with good intentions but without regard to purpose or content. We will evaluate your website and make suggestions as to design, Meta tag content, loading speed, audience fit and layout. We will evaluate your existing web site or pages and offer our expertise free of charge. You may act on our suggestions or we will be glad to implement the rebuild ourselves. Bringing the full power of the Internet to your website is our goal.

SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the organic ranking of a website with leading search engines. Our SEO services will improve search engine rankings for our clients by optimizing their websites to better reflect what search engines are looking for. We offer promotion services that will submit the site to over 200 search engines and indexes. We will also optimize other promotion tools, such as sitemaps, link sites, social media and top hit sites